Process Masters Corporation

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Process Masters is an industrial water treatment company supplying additives and excellent service to a variety of industries.

Exceptional water treatment products and
services including:

  1. On-site water treatment evaluation at no cost.
  1. Application Equipment at no cost.
  2. Expert Installation at no cost.
  3. Ongoing optimization and service.
We offer a comprehensive solution for your treatment needs.  All of our products include the following elements at no additional cost:

  • Feed equipment installed and maintained for proper application of our products at your facility.
  • Routine service calls and product delivery by technicians experienced in process treatment    
   and application of our products.
  • An overall water and process management program that monitors performance for continuous
       improvement, reveals possible problem areas, and ensures product optimization.

Our treatment program capabilities and products include:

Solid/Liquid Separation: 
Clarification, thickening, paint spray booth treatment, de-inking, color removal, inorganic coagulant replacements for sludge reduction, filtration, sludge thickening, sludge dewatering, tailings clarification, impoundment treatment, clean coal dewatering, and runoff water clarification.

Liquid/Liquid Separation:
Emulsion breaking, water oil separation aids, BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) treatments, foam control, soluble metal removal and cleaners.

Solid Deposit Control

Process water scale control, deposit removal, wax and grease removal, felt grease removal and cleaners.

Wastewater Treatment Additives

Foam control, bioaugmentation cultures and nutrient supplements.

Process Additives
Freeze conditioning, dye penetrants, dust control, and cleaners.

Custom Process
Solutions by Industry